PLHAE's Philosophy

"Our company pushes every day to perform all of our project tasks with a level of quality, innovation, reliability, and preparedness to meet our customer’s goals. Our business depends on the success of our partners (customers), therefore we are dedicating to making our partners (customers) successful."

Cost Improvement 

We have been exercising our skills in Cost Improvement and sustainable engineering. PLHAE perform cost-reduction through; Optimization analysis of structures, conversion of welded structure to casting, welded structure to formed components, welded structure or casting to powdered metal, welded thin sheet to formed plastic, etc. We understand the processes for castings, what casting types are most beneficial to the product, saves the most weight and keeps the structural integrity. PLHAE is also improving their knowledge on alternative materials such as powdered metals, reinforced plastics, carbon fiber, etc.

Rapid Concept creation surface modeling means for faster design progression using parametrically defined surfaces.

Moving from a weldment to casting. A unified casting design allows for several different machining processes for multiple vehicle applications. 

Complex Surface Modeling allows material to be placed exactly where it is needed & distribute stress smoothly through part.