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PLHAE's Philosophy

"Our company pushes every day to perform all of our project tasks with a level of quality, innovation, reliability, and preparedness to meet our customer’s goals. Our business depends on the success of our customers, therefore we are dedicating to making our customers successful."

Mission Statement

PLHAE's Mission is to bring success to our customers and to help develop, design, and analyze our customers' product with a level of quality, innovation, reliability, and preparedness.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to treat our employees fairly with good wages, health care, financial benefits, and other benefits, within the means of the company. When our company prospers, our employees do as well.  


PLH Advanced Engineering is an ISO 9001:2015 certified engineering services firm specializing in the development of mobile equipment & components, and consumer products. PLHAE supplies engineering services as a contractor and sub-contractor to our wide range of customers. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our customers to provide efficient engineering services. These highly valued relationships allow us to provide a significant competitive advantage to our customers.

PLHAE has two locations. The main corporate office is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A. Our satellite office, located in Martin, Slovakia, specializes in the execution of projects, and function as project leads, points of contact for our customers, design, and analytical engineers. 

Our firm performs design and analysis from concept to prototype, and implementation to production for the construction, agricultural, amusement rides, oil and gas, mining, biomedical, and consumer product industries.From full vehicle development, to component design, to styling, to cost improvement, to durability analysis, our experiences, product knowledge and know-how makes PLHAE an indispensable source for your product development needs.

We provide complete engineering services through the duration of your project from assisting with creation of specification to concept generation to full vehicle development. PLHAE is able to perform design & analysis from concept to assist to prototype, and implementation to production. Our business depends on the success of our partners, therefore we are dedicated to making our partners successful.


Salt Lake City, Utah

Martin, Slovakia