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PLHAE's Philosophy

"Our company pushes every day to perform all of our project tasks with a level of quality, innovation, reliability, and preparedness to meet our customer’s goals. Our business depends on the success of our customers, therefore we are dedicating to making our customers successful."

Front End Loader - PLHAE developed 

Operator Station - PLHAE developed 

Compact Excavator - PLHAE developed

Design Capabilities

Our design capabilities range from Full Vehicle Layout, to Drivetrain System Layout, to Component Design, to Kinematic System design to General Design and Analysis. 

PLHAE provides: 

  • Baseline competitive studies 
  • Creation of specifications 

  • Concept generation 

  • Preliminary analysis 

  • Concept comparison with competitors 

  • Cost analysis 

  • Concept selection 

  • Detail design & drawings

  • Styling and industrial design

  • Structural analysis 

  • Weight reduction 

  • Cost improvement 

  • Implementation into production

This knowledge and experience gives PLHAE the know how to work alongside our customers. 

Our engineers are equipped with the latest software such as CREO Pro/Engineer and Solidworks, running on high powered workstations to maximize productivity. 

*For confidentiality reasons, all pictures are PLHAE developed machines or stock photographs representing the vehicles and programs that we have worked on.