Montana Mask


To assist with downloading with slower speeds, we created high (68MB) and low resolution (7.5MB) stl packages which include 3 sizes: S,M,L.  Increased strap holes 3X. 

We have also uploaded new version of filter which adapts an ambumask.


During this time of need, PLHAE has been working with local Doctors to improve the fit of 3D printed masks for 12 health care professionals. The mask now passes filtration tests and can exceed N95 filtration with readily available filter material. This product is based on open source files provided by Dr. Zaugg out of Billings, Montana. We used the source files, worked with local ER professionals to improve fit and function, and are working with other local manufacturers to find ways to speed up production.

Note: Takes 3 hours with 0.3mm Layer Height. Clean edges with 150+Grit sand paper, blow with compressed air, soak in warm soapy water. 

For filter material: you can use any HEPA filter material, any paper-based media that filter 0.3 micron at 95% or greater. For Straps, you will have to get creative.

We have enclosed a link to the ZIP of the .stl file on this post so that any of you with a 3D printer can assist in this as well. Please contact your local hospitals to speak to their representative to see how you can help.

The 3D printed mask information presented here is intended to assist the general public during the current a global pandemic related to COVID-19 and the related nationwide shortage of personal protective equipment.  Please be aware that this mask design is not intended to replace standard protective equipment such as N-95 masks or surgical masks when that equipment is available.  The use of these 3D printed masks has not been fully tested and has not been approved by federal or state authorities. 

PLH Advanced Engineering, or any of our employees, make no representations or guarantees regarding the safety, efficacy, or appropriate use of these masks in any particular situation.  Use of this information for any purpose is at the maker’s and user’s own risk.