Analysis engineering services Utah

PLHAE's Philosophy

"Our company pushes every day to perform all of our project tasks with a level of quality, innovation, reliability, and preparedness to meet our customer’s goals. Our business depends on the success of our customers, therefore we are dedicating to making our customers successful."


PLHAE has engineers that are highly qualified in the FE Analysis expertise. We currently have access to Analytical Engineers in the Salt Lake City Office and Analytical Engineers  and Meshing Technicians located in the Martin Office. The team of analytical engineers are experienced working daily on analyses ranging from simple linear static, complex models with large number of contacts, and material non-linearity with large permanent deformation.

What distinguishes PLHAE from other Analytical Companies

  • Critically review test data and strain time histories

                -     Develop load cases and duty cycles

  • Reduce iteration time by evaluating damaging load cases

  • Perform fatigue life calculations

  • Simplify analysis when appropriate to reduce time/cost

Example below is a Full Sequential ROPS analysis

PLHAE is capable to perform FEA, Optimization, Fatigue & Durability, CFD, Brake Analysis, Stability Analysis, and Gear Analysis

Our software capabilities are: 

  • Hypermesh/Hyperview 

  • nCode 

  • Optistruct (Optimization Tool) 

  • KISSoft/KISSys 





Along with the expertise and experience, PLHAE also has the technological advantage. We invested in a HPC Cluster to reduce turnaround time for complex analyses, providing results of a more refined design in a shorter timeframe. The HPC Cluster also gives us the ability to perform Modal Dynamic Analyses, Highly non-Linear Analyses, and Full Body Analyses.