PLHAE Developed Rotomolded Kayak


PLHAE's Philosophy

"Our company pushes every day to perform all of our project tasks with a level of quality, innovation, reliability, and preparedness to meet our customer’s goals. Our business depends on the success of our partners (customers), therefore we are dedicating to making our partners (customers) successful."

Hydraulic Transducer

Cab Interior

Rollercoaster development

5 Cubic Yard Front End Loader

Industrial Design

Modeling, Routing and Drawings

PLHAE has the ability to turn our customer's ideas into a feasible design utilizing our experience and knowhow to achieve a high quality cost competitive product.  PLHAE's modeling capabilities comprise of: Design for Manufacturing, Sheet Metal, Weldments, Simple and Advanced Castings, Advanced Surfacing and Styling, Advanced Aluminum, Forging, Stamping, and Rotomold/Blow Mold. We have worked on specification driven development projects and clean sheet design projects for both full vehicle development and component development. Our modeling practices are updated in quality and efficiency every quarter or when a new procedure is introduced from the customer. This keeps our engineers knowledgeable and ables them to produce at the customer's level of performance.

Our engineers have experience on routing of hydraulic lines and hoses, and electrical harness design and electrical routing. From virtual routing, to physically routing full machines, PLHAE engineers have the practical and conceptual knowledge that can assist our customers in the development process.

PLHAE engineers have created extensive experience creating drawings, ranging from mule/prototype drawings to full GD&T production drawings. We follow our customer's standards and utilize existing drawing architecture to ensure consistency. We have created drawings for simple parts, castings, complex castings, extrusions, stamped parts, simple weldments, and machined weldments.